Biến tần ADLEE

Biến tần ADLEE, tài liệu Biến tần ADLEE, tài tài liệu Biến tần ADLEE, tài liệu tiếng Việt Biến tần ADLEE

Variable Frequency Drive 

The Variable Frequency Drivesis suitable for any general-purpose application that involves a AC motor, has full of operation functions. Built-in variable digital/analog input functions to suit a wide array of needs. Easy to install and convenient to humanity operating features


  • All models with F306 remote control option.
  • Remote 3 wire start/stop, jogging, forward/reverse, multi-function control.
  • Multistep speed operation (up to eight speeds).
  • S-character accel/deceleration selection enables smooth start/stop.
  • 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA,analog signal control.
  • Fully adjustable V/F characteristic.
  • Arrival/running/fault alarm signal output.
  • RS-485 Communication port.
  • Adjustable carrier frequency.
  • Program security lock.
  • Fault Relay Contact rating 1A 240VAC or 1A 30VDC.
  • Max./Min. frequency limiter.
  • Inverter protection history stores up to four previous protective actions.
  • Master/slave driver system.
  • Multi-analog function extended control.
  • All series with braking circuit.
  • Full of excellent protection system.



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