Bien tan Powtran PI7800 – Biến tần Powtran PI7800

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Novel structure design; Complete upgrade of the software; Optimized production technique; Mature test equipment。

mechanics, electronics, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, transportation, building materials, municipal, metal processing, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, Injection machine, central air conditioning, numerical control machine tool, air-compressor, fan and pump, blower, air conditioner for large buildings; wastewater treatment system; water supply system for large buildings; public water supply system and other industries and fields.

Powtran Technology

PI7800 Family Inverter

Brief Introduction:

New PI7800 Family inverter supplies the more comprehensive motor control solution to you. It employs the advanced technology of PWM control and vector control, high performance power module and DSP control. It is with internal current loop to realize high precision of close loop control and reach the stability and precision of current and frequency. Completely new manufacture technique and test equipment ensures the better stability and reliability of the product.

Standard Specification:


Voltage and
Single-phase 200~240V,50/60Hz    Three-phase 200~240V,50/60Hz
Three-phase 380~415V,50/60Hz    Three-phase 440~460V,50/60Hz
Three-phase 575V,50/60Hz        Three-phase 660V,50/60Hz
Three-phase 1140V,50/60H
Allowable Fluctuation range
voltage: ±15%   frequency: ±5%
Control system
high performance vector control inverter based on DSP
Output frequency
G/F/Z/S/T/M:0.00~800.0Hz,the maximum frequency range is 10.00~800.0Hz
H:0.00~2000.0Hz,the maximum frequency range is 10.00~2000.0Hz.
control method
V/F control, V/F+ PG control, vector + PG control
waveform produce methods
asynchronous space vector PWM, step less and subsection synchronous space vector PWM,2 phase optimized vector PWM
Auto torque boost function
Realize low frequency (1Hz) and large output torque control under the v/f control mode.
Accelerate /decelerate control
Acceleration/Deceleration S curve subsection set mode. The maximum running time is 26 hours.
Program running control
7 step speed program running, the maximum running time is 88 hours.
frequency setting accuracy
Digital references:0.01Hz(300 Hz and below),0.1 Hz(above 300 Hz)
Analog references:0.05Hz/60Hz
frequency accuracy
Speed control tolerance 0.01%(25℃±10℃)
V/F curve mode
Linear,square,8 V/F curve set by user
Over load capability
G/S:150% for one minute, 200% for 0.1 second
F:120% for one minute, 150% for 0.1 second
Z/M/T:180% for one minute, 250% for 0.1 second
H:250% for one minute, 300% for 0.1 second
slip compensation
0~10% automatic slip compensation
Input  signal
running method
Keypad/Terminal/Communication mode
frequency setting
There are 11 frequency setting modes, including DC 0~10V,
DC 0~20mA, DC 4~20mA, potentiometer on the keyboard.
start signal
forward, reverse
Multi-segment speed
can set 7 steps speed at most(using multi-function or program running)
Multi-segment acceleration
At most 8 steps acceleration can be set (using multi function terminals or program running.)
instant stop
Interrupt controller’s output.
traverse running
Program control running
running in low speed
fault reset
When the protection function is affective, system can reset fault state automatically.
PID feedback signal
DC 0~10V, DC 1~5V, DC 0~20mA, DC 4~20mA
Output signal
running state
motor state display, stop, accelerate/decelerate, seven-speed,
program running state
fault output
relay fault output: AC 250V 5A, DC 30V 5A
analog output
2 analog output, 8 signals could be selected: frequency, current, voltage, temperature, etc, the output signal range is 0~10V/0~20Ma.
output signal
6 output signals, each one with 32 signals for option.
running function
Limit frequency, skip frequency, torque difference compensate, reverse protection, automatic adjustment, PID control
DC brake
On base of non-OC, internal PID can regulate braking current to ensure enough braking torque.
Protection function
inverter protection
Over voltage, under voltage, over current, over load, overheat, over current stall, over voltage stall, phase loss (options), external fault, communication fault, PID feedback abnormity, PG fault.
IGBT temperature display
Display of current IGBT temperature
inverter fan control
Temperature of starting the fan can be set. (options)
restart after momentary
power loss
less than 15ms:continue running
More than 15ms:automatic inspection of motor’s speed, restart after transient power down.
speed starting pursue mode
inverter pursue motor speed automatically before starting
parameter protection function
protect inverter’s parameter by setting password and decode
Totally 66 running monitor objects: set frequency, actual frequency, actual current, actual current percentage, DC bus voltage, actual output voltage, actual motor’s speed, total running time, IGBT temperature, PID set value, PID feedback value, motor output power percentage, excitation heft set value, excitation heft actual value, torque heft set value, torque heft actual value. Display of 3parameters simultaneity at most: set frequency + actual frequency+ the monitored running message. Select by F00, F65、F66.
Store 5 fault messages at most, and can inquire about fault style, voltage, current, frequency and the work state at the same time
Completely isolated RS485 communication module (options),realizes the communication with the host computer.
CAN BUS module(options)
environment temperature
-10 ℃~ 40 ℃
storage temperature
-20 ℃~65 ℃
environment humidity
Less than 90 % RH
Height / libration
less than 1,000 m, less than 5.9m/s2(=0.6g)
application place
where there is no rust gas, no flammability gas, no grease and dust
cooling methods
Forced air cooling and natural cooling


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