Bien tan Chziri – Bien tan Chrizi ZVF9V G – Biến tần Chziri ZVF9V G

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Product Name: ZVF9V-G High Performance Vector Control Frequency Inverter

Product Characteristic:

1:Advanced vector control algorithm , combine accurate speed calculation and self learning of the motor parameter. It realize the accuracy control of motor speed and torque under no- speed sensor mode. V/F and SVC can be selected .2:Optimized space voltage vector PWM modulation technology, has over-modulation function, high voltage-utilization, low output harmonic, and it greatly improves the motor’s stability and switching loss.

3:Good operation characteristic of low frequency, can realize 0.5HZ/150% rated torque output which under no-speed sensor mode.

4:LCD and LED double display keyboard, display digit and Chinese , the user can operate easily.

5:Control terminal analog voltage output, current output ,digit output, impulse output, Voltage, current , impulse , communication and other multi frequency setting modes. Also can realize the overplay function for all kinds of given source, And the frequency control mode is very flexible.

6:Abundant functions: automatic voltage regulation control, automatic slip Compensation, restart when power cut  and so on. Can meet the demand of different clients.

7:Customization function design :program running, wobble frequency running, PID control operation , timing function ,counter function ect. can be convenient to form and  meet the  different industrial field demands;

8:Built-in RS485 interface ,  compat  MODEBUS communication protocol, can  realize networked control.

9:Super strong protect function: Over voltage, over current , over load, under voltage, over heat , short circuit and so on , can offer more than 20 kinds failure protection function for user.

Application Ambient
The Inverter mounting ambient have direct effect on the function and the lifetime of the Inverter, So the ambient have to reach the following situation:

  1. Altitude: Max.1000m above sea level.
  2. Ambient Temperature:-10~+45℃ (bare machine: -10~+50 ℃)
  3. Humidity :20~90% RH( Non-condensing)
  4. Indoor places free from direct exposure to sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, steam , drip and salt.
  5. Vibration: <0.5G

.Inverter Outline Dimension &Mounting Dimensions


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