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Biến tần Chziri ZVF9- P
Product Name: ZVF9-P Blower/Water Pump Type Frequency Inverter
Power range:    
                           380 V grade 1.5-315KW

                           Output frequency: 0-400Hz

                           Overload capability: 120% rated current for 1 minute

Product characteristic:

The ZVF9-P series frequency inverter suitable for blower/water pump model of high quality,low noise and multi-purpose.It characteristic as follow:

1. Adopt the Magnetic Flux Vector PWM control algorithm, advanced technique, resonant wave of output current is few and high efficiency.

2. Good at characteristic of low frequency operation, It can output of torsion on low frequency reting.

3. Maximum carrier wave frequency are 13kHz,It can oeration with Static sound

4. Numeral keyboard, simulation Potentiometer,Exterior intelligence terminal, COM and etc that so many kinds of input mode. The control mode is extremely agility.

5. Prolific function, for example: voltage control in automatism,dead-time compensation,automatic slip compensation and DC braking, restarting after power interruption and etc.It can according to the re quire of control of high precision and complexity.

6. Program operation(multiple speed),Pendulum-frequency operation. In sets at the PI regulator,It can structure expediently to satisfy different need automatization control system.

7. In sets RS485 standard communication interface, It can realize the networking control or the proportion gearing control.

8. Consummation malfunction management and protection function, and guarantee the frequency inverter and motor are not damaged in any malfunction situation.

9. advanced technology, compact-structure, and the product contour artistic is natural.

Scope of application:
ZVF9-P series frequency inverter applied at the blower/water pump’s driving and speed controlling.Built-in PID function especially suitable for the course control of physical change isn’t quickly,such as flow,pressure,wind amount or temperature and etc.


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