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 Biến tần Chziri
Product Name: ZVF9V-P Blower and Water Pump Type Frequency Inverter
Main technical features:
1) Power range: 1.5~400KW

2) Voltage: 3AC 380/415/440V -15%~15%

3) Output frequency: 0.00 ~ 400.00Hz
4) Efficiency: >98% (at rated power)

5) Control mode: V/F control and VC control .
6) Overload capacity: 120% rated current for 60 s

7) Speed accuracy: ±0.5% max. speed (SVC)
8) Speed adjusting range: 1:100

9) Multi-steps speed control: 16 steps

10) Built-in DC reactor from 1.5KW to 90KW to improve power factor

11) LCD keypad: Parameter download and upload, English version

12) Automatic voltage regulation (AVR): Maintain output voltage stable when input voltage fluctuate

13 Multi-functional Quick/Jog key: Access common used parameter quickly

14) SHIFT key: Scroll common used parameter circularly 

15) Ambient temperature: -10~45 degree

16) Relative humidity: <95%, no condensation allowed

17) Altitude: 0~1000 m, 1000~4000 m with derating

18) 30 kinds of protection function

  Inverter Wiring

Special function:

1) Timing control: Set eight pressure reference in specific time period

2) PID control: Constant pressure regulation

3) Control up to 7 different pumps automatically according to pressure feedback, store specific rated current separately

4) Energy saving function: Stop automatically when flow is smaller

5) Timing switchover function: Prevent pump from rust, balance every pump lifetime

6) Over pressure/under pressure alarm, record the faulty pump and switch the spare pump automatically.

7) Dormant control

8) Built-in RS 232

9) Liquid level detection and control


Typical application:

Water supply, Air compressor, Central air conditioner, Oil transportation pump, Waste water treatment, Music Fountain

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