Braking Unit của biến tần Chziri

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Product Name: Braking Unit
General Information
       The function of the DBU braking unit is to divert into a braking resistor the regenerative energy produced in the process of decelerating the motor, converting that energy into heat. Regenerative energy flows from the motor into the inverter DC Bus, manifested as increased bus voltage. The advantage gained using the DBU is improved braking performance and shorter deceleration time of the load.
Before you use the DBU braking unit, please read through this manual and please contact your distributor if you have any questions. This manual will provide you the necessary information for installation, operation, troubleshooting and repair of the DBU braking unit.
A.     Inspection
   Please check that the model number is the same as what you ordered BEFORE opening the box. Then, check the contents for any sign of defect or damage during transport. If there is any problem, please contact your Hitachi distributor immediately.
B.     Braking Unit model numbering convention
  Braking Unit               (@ 10% ED)
Inverter Power
15 kW
30 kW
45 kW
220 kW
Inverter Input Voltage
200 VAC
400 VAC

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