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Encoder Delta ROE-A

Encoder Delta ROE-A

ROE-A Series

ROE-A series is an absolute encoder that uses Gray Code and reports the shaft angle within a 360oC range. As compared with other type of encoder, it can remember the position according to the mechanical position of the encoder. It means that the absolute position can be found and memorized without searching reference point.
AS(Solid Shaft)AH(Hollow Shaft)
‧AS Series: Outer Diameter of Solid Shaft: 50mm
‧AH Series: Outer Diameter of Hollow Shaft: 50mm
‧Absolute Encoder (Gray Code)
‧Resolution: 5-10Bit
‧Output Form: Voltage Output, Open Collector
‧Power Voltage Range: 5-12V
‧Responsiveness: 20kHz max
Label Printing Machine, Detecting Machine, Elevator, Auto Bottling Machine, Fixed Length Cutting Machine, Elevator Door.

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