Biến tần Tengen

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Tengen group

Tengen group

TENGEN GROUP CO., LTD is one leading manufacturer and exporter in the fields of electrical apparatus, wiring accessories, hardware, fire alarm system, tools and so on, our company located in Liushi town of Wenzhou city where is the largest production centre in China for electrical products.

From 1983 to now, our company has cooperated with more than 80 factories, and produces over 20 kinds, thousands of models of high quality electric products yearly. Mainly including:

1. Electrical apparatus: circuit breaker, AC contactor, Relay, fuse, timer, counter, distribution box, meter socket, current transformer, meter, pushbutton switch, LED pilot lamp, limit switch, pedal switch, float switch, industrial plug & socket, Stabilizer and so on.

2. Wiring accessories: cable tie, cable clip, cable puller, cable marker, cable lugs, cable glands, terminal blocks, wiring ducts, insulated terminals, MCB insulated busbar, dinrail and so on.

3. Hardware: flexible conduit & connector, EMT fittings, Metal switch boxes and so on.

4. Tools: hand crimping tools, cable cutter, hydraulic crimping tool, tester, screwdriver and so on

5. fire alarm and warning system: fire alarm bell, electric bell, smoke detector, motor siren, buzzer, warning light and so on

Internationalization standard quality guarantee system:

The product quality of Tengen Group has been strictly controlled in each working procedure,
many kinds of internationalization standard quality guaranteed system can be highly effective
under company’s strict monitoring. fellowtrader commended, customer’s approval can sufficiently
make sure of our product quality.

“Tengen” was evaluated as ” Chinese famous trademark”, Tengen Group has obtained American
FMRC Corporation ISO9001 quality system authentication, ISO14001 environment management
system authentication, CCC authentication, European Union CE safe Authentication, American UL
authentication and Dutch KEMA authentication and so on, at the same time, it has had the first
side laboratory — low voltage electric appliance test center which is the first connected with
international in China.

We promise to offer you superior products, favorable price, and timely delivery. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please feel free to contact with us in your earliest convenience time.

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