Biến tần Qma Q5000

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Biến tần Qma Q5000

Biến tần Qma Q5000




Q-5000 SERIES Hi-Performance Low-noise Mini Vector Inverter is a new-type mini-AC inverter but packed with high performance features for induction motors available from 0.4-2.2kw which is the ideal solution to variable speed.

Q-5000 is featured for SPWM design which provides low noise and high start torque. The inverter is independent and used in 50/60Hz (±5% fluctuation is allowable). The current overload rating is 150% for 60 seconds, sensorless vector control and V/F control make this inverter more brilliant for most general applications.

Q5000 is feature-packed, low cost and compact. The high-speed current limiting function minimizes over-current trips. Inrush current suppression plus grounding protection are built in for safe and trip free operation.

Q-5000 is innovative design features; the digital operator includes a 3-digit LED status display. The multi-speed step function (7 pre-set speeds) and 4 acceleration/deceleration time make it ideal for food processing and its smooth speed variation can bring energy savings in fan and pump operation.

Q-5000 also have multi-function I/O terminals, 0-10V, 4-20mA inputs and analog output, plus lip compensation, over torque detection and high speed search which all make this highly specified inverter a particular versatile inverter.

RS-485 Modbus serial communication port supports net work which is convenient for variety of host link allowing 32 nodes on a single net work.

Q-5000 is proficient for conveyors, grinders, centrifuges, pumps, fans, and blowers used in material handling, packaging, food processing, and commercial laundry etc.

Q-5000 is a perfect choice for high performance and low cost. Trust it for your success.


*Without PG Vector Control (SVC), V/F control.
*Fulfill high torque and failure-free operation from a 1% low speed.
*Carrier frequency reaches 15 kHz.
*Built-in PID, multiple protective functions, safe and guaranteed.
*Potentiometer for frequency regulation is configured as standard.
*Automatic energy-efficient enables the motor to run in a high-efficiency and energy-saving way.
*RS-485 communication interface and standard MODBUS communication protocol are adopted.
*No metallic sound as that of other inverters and ultra-low noise.
*Powerful dynamic and static autotuning functions.

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