Biến tần Qma Q9000 series

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Biến tần Qma Q9000 series

Biến tần Qma Q9000 series


Q9000 Series is a kind of high performance universal vector control inverter. Current vector technology and advanced modern control theory are used to provide more torque in operation at low speed and achieve high performance dynamic control. There are four control modes to select. Even without PG vector control, it can obtain a high torque and failure-free operation from a low speed at 1%; While with PG control, it can easily obtain high torque operation at 0 speed, which is the ideal choice for you to improve the quality and productivity.


Perfect Current Vector Control
By means of simultaneously controlling the primary current and its phase, the magnetic field current and torque current can be controlled respectively and individually to obtain a smooth run, a speed control and torque control with high torque and high precision at a very low speed

Various Control Functions
PID control, slip compensation function, speed search, over/lower torque detection and energy-saving operation control function

Excellent Torque Characteristics
Even if without PG, a high torque of 150%/0.5Hz can be reached

Powerful Braking Function
Powerful braking function can be fulfilled with built-in braking units for the inverter below 15kw and external braking resistors for that above 15kw

Hi-efficiency Energy-saving control
Wonderful energy-saving function beyond imagination, the hi-efficiency energy-saving control reaches the maximum effect in theory

Low Noise Operation
High carrier frequency SPWM modulation type may greatly suppress the noise, which is especially suitable for the place with limitation for noise.

Perfect Power Ultraharmonics Suppression Countermeasures
Built-in DC reactor for the purpose of improving power factors is equipped for all series of 55kw and above; DC reactor wiring terminal is reserved for the units below 55KW for your choice of DC reactor to reduce the interference of the ultraharmonics of power.


* Powerful Q9000 may satisfy various needs of different users
* Standard built-in PID feedback control may provide a precise closed loop control
* V/F separation and free V/F image function may fully meet any special requirements of various motors
* Powerful autotuning function enables all kinds of motors to run effectively
* Whatever precise machinery or multi-motor operation, there are four control modes combined closely to fulfill best running
* High torque at low speed and smooth acceleration/deceleration in whole frequency domain
* Simple and flexible operation is suitable for various operating conditions
* Expanding function applies to stand-alone or network
* Independent programming satisfies any special requirements of the customers well.
* The built-in PG card is suitable for incremental encoder of any brands, including HEIDENHAN, NEMICON, etc
* Self-check protection function will give out corresponding fault indication and stop the output of the inverter at the same time when the parameter is not correct.
* It can run by autotuning of the inverter that may measure the distance between two sections automatically
* The operation of the inverter can be counted and controlled by the velocity curve to obtain rectilinear stop and high positioning precision
* The speed signal supports multiple speed control and analog signal control
* Vibration at high speed or low speed can be compensated
* S running curve and the startup time or stop time for deceleration or deceleration can be set freely
* Easy to install and debugging and compatible with Yaskawa series inverter, which can be replaced directly

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