Biến tần Winner Win-V63


Power range

0.25-2.2KW,200V; 0.4-400KW,380V

Application area

Suitable for large inertia, high accuracy, potential energy load, fast response and other high-end occasion.

Main feature

  • Built-in simple PLC
  • Built-in PID regulator
  • 45KW or below has built-in braking unit. 93KW or above has external DC choke
  • 16-step speeds
  • Traverse operation
  • Overload: 150%, 2 minutes; 180%, 10 seconds
  • Continuous operation function at momentary power failure
  • Perfect fault protection and auto current limit
  • Positive/negative logic switch input signal for option
  • 43 input terminals and 25 output terminals for option
  • 10 frequency input modes
  • 2 terminals for high-frequency signal input(max.50KHz),1 terminal for high-frequency signal output(max.50KHz)
  • 2 terminals for analog input, current and voltage are optional for one of the terminal. 2 terminals for analog output, current and voltage are optional.
  • RS-485 communication port (MODBUS protocol)

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