Biến tần Winner WIN-VA

Application area (AC drive)(Frequency Inverter)(inverter)

Suitable for large inertia, hih accuracy, potential energy load, fast response and other high-end occasion

Biến tần winner WIN-VA+Vector+Control+AC+Driver

Biến tần winner WIN-VA+Vector+Control+AC+Driver

Main feature

· 2 modes of control are available: V/F control and vector control. And any of the modes can obtain high boost torque and performance.

· Rated torque output at low speed under open loop. Range of speed control reaches to1001

· The pause function while starting and stopping enable the machine to be suitable for the pulling work of variable big inertial load.

· Advanced motor auto tuning function enable the motor to work in the optimized state.

· Built in function of auto torque compensation

· High performance with built-in function of slip compensation.

· Built-in RS-485 communication interface which supports MODBUS protocol.

· Built-in PID regulator.

……………………… (AC drive)(Frequency Inverter)………………(AC drive)(Frequency Inverter)(inverter).

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