Biến tần Winner WIN-VC

AC driver, frequency inverter,VFD, converter

Application area

Suitable for high-end application area with high precision, fast response, high torque, big inertia, potential load etc.



Main feature :

AC driver, frequency inverter,VFD,converter

· Suitable for large inertia, high accuracy, potential energy load, fast response and other high-end occasion.

· Function of energy-saving control, speed control, slip compensation, torque compensation, torque control, null-servo control, self-learning, parameter copy and other high-end function.4 modes of control available: V/F control, V/F with PG, seedless sensor vector control, vector control with PG.
High boosting torque at super-low speed. 150% of rated torque can be output at zero speed in the mode of closed-loop of vector control. .

· Range of speed control reaches to 1:1000.

· precision of output frequency reaches to +/-0.01%

· precision of speed control reaches to 0.02%

· Mullet-functional terminal of input and output, multi-functional analog input and output, serial mode communication provide the user with various conveniences.

· Multiple parameters online monitor function, perfect fault-analysis, alarm and protection functions maximally ensure the reliability of the machine.

· Layout and function of keypad. .

AC driver, frequency inverter,VFD,converterm,closed loop ac drive

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